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(From the Django Girls press release)

Django Girls is coming very soon to Cardiff - a first Wales edition of the international programming course directed at women. This non-profit event will take place during DjangoCon Europe, a large conference for programmers and will be attended by 45 women and girls who want to learn how to build web applications in just one day.

Django Girls is a very young yet rapidly growing initiative that brings women and technology closer. Django Girls are organizing free, 12-hour programming workshops for absolute beginners, the organizers welcome all willing to discover the beauty of technology, learn the basics of programming and building web applications. The goal of the event is to demystify computers, explain the magic behind the internet and inspire women to dig deeper into the amazing world of technology by showing how easy it is to build their ideas using modern tools. Django Girls want to empower women to build the capacity and acquire the tools to conquer the last online frontier.

The world of IT is dominated by men. The latest research shows that only 22% of the entire IT environment are women. This issue is even worse in the open-source world where women make up only 1.5% of those involved in the development of the open Internet. The Internet currently caters mainly to the majorities which is unfortunate if you are not a white male. As a female, one often feels they are lacking the vocabulary necessary to access it. Django Girls want to debunk the world of web applications and encourage women to learn about software development and programming. The organizers, who are female engineers themselves, believe that women need the skills and language to understand that world. 

Django Girls in the world

First Django Girls workshop took place just half a year ago in Berlin at EuroPython, the largest European conference for Python programmers. The first event received more than 300 submissions from 33 different countries. The whole initiative, however, has its roots in Poland as both Django Girls founders, Ola Sitarska and Ola Sendecka, are female Django developers based in Warsaw and Kraków. This inspired others to join them and volunteers from all over the world organized 19 events, teaching 677 women how to code.


The Django Girls Cardiff will take place on 31th of May 2015 on Cardiff University Main Campus. In addition, participants will be able to purchase a discount £100 ticket worth £275 for the entire DjangoCon Europe 2015 conference. DjangoCon is the biggest annual gathering of Django developers in Europe, where 2500 developers come to learn, meet and discuss the future of web.

Detailed program and additional information are available on the project website and on facebook.

Registration for the workshop is open until 1st of March. The application form can be filled here.

More information will be provided by Ania Warzecha, co-organizer of Django Girls Cardiff -




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