A-responsive-1: Responsive theme for Redmine - Alpha release

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A few weeks ago, I told you we were working on a responsive theme for Redmine without giving any release date....
Well, here we are: alpha has been released and is available here.

This theme is loosely inspired by A1 and built upon Bootstrap Sass mixins.
This project is still in its alpha stage and you can read all about why we created it and what is supported so far on its homepage.

When we first decided to use Redmine in a larger-scale project, we needed it to be responsive, so we started looking for a responsive redmine theme but found none that worked or that was truly responsive. So we decided to build our own.

Here is a (non-exhaustive) list of features:

  • Fluid grid design
  • Collapsible top menu
  • Expandable one-line main menu
  • Sidebar slides to the right of the screen on smaller devices and can be slided over the main content if needed
  • Responsive tables

But I guess that what most of you want to see are some screenshots in action.... so here they are!

First the desktop resolution

Then the tablet resolution

And finally the smartphone resolution

Well, we all hope here at LaSolution.be and at P4X that you like that new theme as much as we do and find it usefull.

Have a nice week everyone! Smile

[Edit] If you'd like to report bugs, ask for features or contribute to the project, please follow the instructions listed here.

Responsive Bootstrap Redmine Sass



Is it possible to change the background-value to insert a green color?

Thanks for your answer and good job.

By Aurélien - 3 years, 4 months ago Reply 

Sure, all you need to do to change the main background is to run "compass watch" (http://compass-style.org/) inside your redmine/public/themes/a-responsive-1 folder.
Then change the value on lines 34 and 42 of sass/application.scss.

Thanks ;-)


By Emma Delescolle - 3 years, 4 months ago Reply 

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