One of our specialties is developping complex websites based on Django, CakePHP or Symfony, we can also build a website from sractch but that usually means re-inventing the wheel as we will need to re-develop several components provided by those framework (like authentication, admin, registration, tests, etc).

On top of those frameworks we built our "base projects" (respectively Ls4d, Ls4c and Ls4s) which are a collection of usefull standard addons plus our own utilities to jump-start a website.

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Technical- and Functional-Analysis

A part of the development process often overlooked by web-agencies and companies in general is analysis. As though it may seem like a waste of time for a lot of people, a full-scale analysis before starting a project will actually make you spare time and money when implementing it.

If you do not have the resources to do that analysis yourself, we can help you with it and provide a full-scale analysis based on your or your customer's needs.

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Tutorial series

We are publishing full series of tutorials centered on developping full real-life exemples with a framework. Those series cover the framework itself but also the other tools you'll need to produce a full-scale project.

So far we have an on-going series based on Django (nick-named the Babbler series) wich includes:

Web applications

Sometimes you don't need a website, you need something more complex, often destined for internal use only but accessible from everywhere, an application like invoicing system, a ticketing system, a stock-tracking application, etc. Something with which you can comfortably work from a desktop computer at the office but also something that you can use on your tablet or smartphone while on the go.

Well we can help you with that too. We build most of our complex web-applications on top or Tryton but we can also use Django or another framework for it.

Collaborative development and testing server

What we mean by collaborative development and testing server is not simply a machine with an ftp account to dump a copy of your code. It is of course a dedicated machine (or vps) with several utilities to help you and your team work more efficiently on new or existing websites and applications.

What we recommend for a complete server:

  • a versionning server to keep track of changes and enable several people working on the same code simultaneously.
  • an issue tracking server to eep track of open and closed tickets and what has been undertaken to solve the problem.
    The issue tracking server is usually linked to the versionning server in order to reference revisions inside tickets.
  • a knowledge base related to one or several projects to have a central place where you can reference libraries used, user manuals, documentations or simply share ideas.
  • a testing or continuous integration server which, if tests are correctly written, will help you indentify bugs as soon as they appear. Writing and running appropriate tests ensures client satisfaction as there will be less maintenance calls. this software should also be lined to the versionning server to automatically launch the batch of tests whenever a change is commited.
  • a staging server for human testing and presentations

If you do not have the in-house knowledge to setup such a server, we can do it for you.

Development and Testing procedures

As your success growth and teh size of your team increases, you can often notice things are not going as smoothly as they used to. People don"t have/take the time to talk to each other, projects get stuck because of a lack of communication. What you need is procedures.

The problem with procedures is to know when they are too heavy to actually being enforced but if you have too few or too light ones you will get nowhere either.

Well, this is something else we can do for you!

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Sometimes people feel like "ERP" is a bad word. It is not. A well configured ERP is actually a great tool with which you'll be saving a lot of time with most of your administrative tasks. And as everyone knows: Time is money!

Here at we work mostly with Tryton but also with OpenERP.

Anything else you need help with?

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